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We are committed to getting Memphis on the road without the fine print seen at some other dealerships. Compromised credit can happen to the best of us. Medical bills, divorce, and the economy are factors that none are immune to. How do I improve my credit without having a safe vehicle to get to work? How do I get a vehicle without credit? 

Back in 1994, it occurred to Mark there was a large void for those in need. It's All Good Auto Sales was born with one vehicle and has grown to serve the entire Mid-South and get them back on the road.




Our Promise

We will do what we can to get you into the ride of your dreams and have been doing so since 1994!

About Mark

Mark Goodfellow- Entepreneur, Athlete, Local TV/ Commercial personality & owner of It’s All Good Auto Sales in Memphis, Tennessee. Mark, who hails from Marion, Arkansas, opened his car dealership in 1996. Mark’s  over the top commercials and theatrics, while sitting courtside at grizzlies games, earned  him the status of “local celebrity”. With Mark’s local celebrity status and marketing know how he was able to assist in catapulting the carer of child actor/rapper Lil P-nut by featuring him in It’s All Good Auto Sales commercials. Lil P-nut is going to be on the upcoming Transormers movie. Upwards of 4 reality shows have been or are in the workds to capture Mark and his larger than life personality. Mark’s big screen debut came in a small part in the award winning move Hustle & Flow.

While being in the spotlight is comfortable for Mark, the draw to sports has followed him his whole life. Mark is an avid sportsman having coached and/or played in basketbabll, golf, baseball, football, table tennis and tennis. Mark’s proudest maccomplishment was winning the 2010 National Championship in Tennis.


Mark has taken advantage of his position and his good fortune to do what he could for the Memphis community. Some of his work includes sponsoring the West-wood High Non-Violence March and Rally, donating a car to a parishioner of True Prophetic Ministries and teaming up with Pastor Hunter of Memphis supplying food, money, toys & Christmas gifts to hundreds of children/families.

Never forgetting Memphis’ kids Mark also participated in Westwood High School’s “shark tank” where kids thought of ways to better their school. While at A.B. Hill Elementary Mark mentors and throws year end pizza parties to celebrate the kids’ hard work. He has also been known to pop by and replace old baksetballs.

In addition to giving 2 $500 scholarships for year round tennis through the AGAC Tennis Acadamy Mark sponsored and played in a celebrity tennis doubles match with TV Star Boris Kodjoe for “kids day” at the Memphis Open. For this event, Mark provided tickets & lunch for 2,000 Shelby County Children so they could have an opportunity to watch professional tennis, have lunch, and receive tennis instruction and a t-shirt. Also giving 2 $500 scholarships for year-round tennis through the AGAC Tennis Academy.

Everyone knows the catch phrase from all of Mark’s commercials, “I don’t care about your credit, I care about you!” However, it’s through Mark’s community service and giving back to those in need that people see the true heart of the man. It’s not a sales pitch, it is how he truly lives his life!

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